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Custom Built
Our chairs are built to fit you, not one size fits all like most other manufacturers. Our chairs will fit you perfectly, they are made to measure - we take the time to get it right.
Top Specification Components
From the top of the range R-net PM 120 as standard, the heavy duty 4 pole motors, Lifepo4 lithium batteries, to our durable powder coated corrosion proof parts, all of our components are carefully sourced to ensure reliability and durability.
Built To Last
Our chairs are built to last, stainless steel bearings and fasteners to ensure no corrosion based failures, when compared to the existing wheelchair market we are head and shoulders above the rest.
Unbelievable Indoor & Outdoor Performance
Every other powerchair that claims to be indoor/outdoor is either incredibly poor outdoor or just way too big indoors, we believe 'The Powerchair' is the perfect size to take on every situation.
A true indoor/outdoor powerchair.

The chairs we build are a true indoor/outdoor powerchair. The dimensions of the chair are 27 inches wide and 40 inches long (with footplate down, shorter when flipped up), the backrest can be removed easily making the base of the chair approx 500mm high, so easily able to fit in the back of an estate car via ramps. The size of the chair coupled with it’s off road performance is unrivalled in the powerchair market.

Our chairs are built to exacting standards, with many stainless steel and aluminium components (including stainless steel bearings and fasteners throughout), with any mild steel heavily powder coated to prevent corrosion. They are built to fit you perfectly with every important position fully adjustable. Coupled with the chairs fantastic performance indoor and especially outdoor, We believe they are the best all-round powerchair you can buy.

Type of Chair 'Standard' or 'Rehab'

We build two versions of ‘The Powerchair’. The first version is very rigid and exceptionally strong, but cannot have a lift and tilt mechanism added. This is available in either hard-tail (no rear suspension, manual chair users generally prefer this) or soft-tail (with rear suspension). It can have tilt, leg articulation or recline added if required.

The Powerchair

From £7499


The second version is just as strong and can have all the rehab features required. This can only be built incorporating a lift and tilt mechanism as a minimum, and may also have tilt, recline or foot articulation if required. All types of footplate are available. Again this is available in either hard-tail or soft-tail. (Hard tail = no suspension)

The Powerchair Rehab

From £7999

Seating Options
Choose the perfect seating options to suit your needs.
The first enhancement and one of the most practical, + tilt gives you the option to relax with the touch of a button without changing the chairs centre of gravity.
The recline function is unique, designed and made by us to maintain aesthetics, controlled from your joystick. Fully adjustable, the recline function can provide you with the maximum comfort.
Lift and Tilt
Lift and Tilt offers 12" of lift, giving the user the freedom to reach items placed up high and be at eye level with others, whilst maintaining the off- road capabilities of the standard chair. (Off-road use in lowest position only)
Foot Articulation
Foot articulation from a centre foot plate, as the footrest rises, it also extends to accommodate the legs correctly. Separate swing away footplates also available - electric or manual.
  • "At the Powerchair Company we don’t sacrifice build quality for a little extra profit when building something as important as Powerchair’"

  • "We build the only ‘true’ indoor / outdoor powerchair on the planet. Compact enough to easily manoeuver in tight spaces with exceptional off road performance’

  • "An incredibly strong and robust machine, built to exacting standards, at home indoors, outdoors, and even on the beach!"

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